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Donate now and help greyhounds get to their forever homes.

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The Sebastian Haul Fund is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization (CH-33270) dedicated to providing financial assistance to greyhound adoption groups who are transporting greyhounds to other adoption groups dedicated to finding responsible, loving homes.


Sebastian Haul Fund
115 Shepherd Trail, Suite 101 Longwood, FL 32750

Attn: Charlotte McDonald, President



Sebastian's Story


The Sebastian Haul Fund was founded in loving memory of Sebastian, a wonderful, loving, funny boy who was owned by Jeff and Brian - two of our founders.
Sebastian came to Jeff and Brian as a 7 month old puppy, an "accidental breeding" at the race track. There was no record of who his daddy was so he could not be certified to race. His tail was far too long for him, and it dragged the ground. About 6 months later he finally grew into his tail.

Sebastian was high strung, sweet and a total clown! His tail did not wag when he was excited, it moved in a circle like a helicopter ready for take off. His favorite thing to do was shake a snake toy in your face and make you play, and to squeak the life out of a toy with his bottom in the air and tail wagging in complete and utter delight. 
As with all our canine companions, Sebastian left us far too soon. He is now guiding our efforts from above. Sebastian has been the inspiration for this organization and the guardian angel of 700+ greyhounds who have found their forever homes through the Sebastian Haul Fund to date. We are proud to keep the memory of Sebastian alive through this worthy cause.